Tests - Using Postman

NOTE Postman is an application that simplifies sending HTTP requests to Retain.Me API endpoints. It allows you to quickly send and capture requests to the Retain.Me API and serves as a useful tool for getting started with the Retain.Me API or debugging your apps.

In order to make authorized requests to the Retain.Me API from Postman, you will need to set your API key and password in the request header, as described below.

Once you're up and running with Postman, you can use tabs to make a request to the Retain.Me API. You can use multiple tabs to create multiple API calls quickly.

Sending an authorized request:

  • Click Authorization and select Basic Auth from the Type dropdown.
  • For Username and Password provide your private API key and password respectively.

You'll also need to specify an API endpoint URL. (Typically using the secure test endpoint)

  • Ensure that the request method dropdown menu is set to GET.

If the request was sent correctly, the JSON should be formatted simalar to:

GET returns dummy data for the response, as the Retain.Me API only supports POST for the SmartSlip™ Composition Engine.

POST'ing a complete order.

  • Open a new tab and enter the authorization information, as before.
  • Select POST from the API actions dropdown, and enter the endpoint: https://api.retain.me/api/test/order .
  • Click Body and select "raw"; from the dropdown select "JSON (application/json)."
  • Add the JSON for your product in the Body of the request.

Use the JSON response from the test GET request.

  • Click Send. Provided the request is properly formatted, the response should be "Status: 200 OK." Also note that the Headers of the request automatically update to show the addition of "Content-Type:application/json."